Sense Distribution is always looking for qualified sales professionals.
If you have these qualifications, we would like to talk to you as soon as possible.

  • You have experience in the cannabis business (in retail sales or in direct wholesale)

  • We are looking for full-time, part-time and affiliate sales people

  • You have existing relationships with cannabis retailers, or bulk flower buyers

  • You are willing to take on a geographic area of the state as a sole sales agent

Sense Distribution currently distributes seven brands, all of which are diverse,
and non-overlapping in the product ranges.
This gives our sales reps a wide variety of items to promote, based on retailer needs.

Sense Distribution, and ALL of our affiliated brands, have GENEROUS commission schedules, ranging from 6 to 10% on gross sales.
All commissions are paid promptly, and on time.

IF you are looking to add to your existing portfolio, want to dedicate yourself to our brands, or just want to slice off a "side-hustle", we would love to talk!

Vivian Vu, Sales Director