relationship to cannabis

        Cannabis should be legal for consumption, period.

                        Cannabis offers hope to many without hope.

               Cannabis can offer valuable introspection to those seeking it.

                                               Cannabis can replace many prescription drugs.

        Cannabis offers a SANE alternative to alcohol.

                                                  Cannabis is for Adults

who consumes cannabis?

        According to Recent polls: 58% of US residents have tried cannabis, and          51% of Canadians have consumed cannabis. 

                        So the quick answer is:

A growing majority of people have consumed cannabis.


The cannabis trend is NOT slowing down.

   why do we Care?

        All of us at Sense Distribution have a personal relationship with    cannabis, whether as a user, or know someone who has been

affected by cannabis in a positive, life enriching, way 

   what is our mission?

        To put it simply, 

Cannabis is a positive, enriching, natural, available,

alternative to what ails the world we live in

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