We offer unique, and intelligent solutions for Cannabis brands 


  • Statewide last-mile delivery services for your brand and products

  • Full logistics services

  • Access to our Contract team of METRC and BCC specialists

  • Warehousing of Brand products, NOW in Northern and Southern California

  • Way-point services for METRC authorized temporary storage and transfers 

  • Exposure on the Sense Distribution website, and CONSISTENT brand-promotion on Instagram 


  • We do not offer, or falsely promise, sales services. We ask that brands coming to us have a built-in sales team in place 

  • We DO give your brand access to our BROAD list of qualified, contract-based, independent sales professionals who have existing dispensary clients

  • We offer ALL back-of-house logistics services for sales fulfillment

  • Storage AND Delivery of your brands, for fast, post-sale distribution

In Short:

  • Sense Distribution give brands a safe, reliable platform to distribute their products

  • Keeps the brands in control of their expenses with known fees structures and practices

  • We foster POSITIVE relationships and RESULTS with dispensary buyers, sales staff, and managers


  • Contact us to learn more on how Sense Distribution can make maintaining, and servicing, your dispensary clients a simple, fast, and cost-effective endeavor

Sales Affiliate Opportunities